GPV France

GPV France

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Paper processing, the manufacture of envelopes, pockets, gussets and tailored products, printing and customisation of envelopesall environmentally friendly.




With around 250 people in centres of skill and expertise, GPV France produces over 3 billion envelopes every year and offers customers skill in quality French manufacturing dating from 1872.



  • Market leader in correspondence and mail packaging


GPV France offers customers a whole range covering all areas of correspondence and mail packaging.



  • Organised into centres of skill and expertise

·         Sales and marketing structure able to meet customers' expectations in France and for international export in distribution and throughout the more technical industries:


-   distribution: retail, wholesalers, suppliers, superstores, paper distributors

-   technical industries: printers, routers, mail order companies, large private or public companies, specialised retailers and direct marketing agencies. (Learn more about our clients)


·         A specialised and competitive industrial power

·         High-performante logistics for an enhanced customer service experience

·         World-renowned integrated management system: SAP

·         A quality and environmental approach striving for excellence in customer service.




  • Structured accross three geographical locations:


·         Headquarters in Saint-Amarin (French department 68) in the heart of Europe

·         Two sales offices in Strasbourg (67) and Annonay (07)

·         Historic factory in Alsace in Saint-Amarin and a specialised production subsidiary in the Loire region of Mably (42).



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  • Our competitive advantages

·         A multichannel/multi-market player with products and processes suited to each market

·         A comprehensive business approach for sustainable and profitable growth

·         Continuous innovation and the ongoing endeavour to improve our products and services

·         A policy of sustainable development in place for over 10 years

·         Enhanced expertise in a category-based approach

·         Effective marketing for an enhanced customer service experience

·         Obligation of results for our customers

·         A policy of strong and recognised brands : 7 brands for 7 identified usages

·         two web sites offering exclusive guarantees: and