Carbon Neutrality

Carbon Neutrality

  • The manufacture of GPV brands is carbon neutral


Carbon dioxide emissions inherent to all manufacturing produce a warming effect in the Earth's atmosphere.

We can all act to help limit this warming! We are proud of the action we take as the manufacturing process of our brands is carbon neutral.





  • What we do: in numbers


•         We supported the reforestation programme for Sofala in Mozambique. In late 2014, our action directly contributed to the reforestation of 167 hectares, the equivalent of 230 football pitches.

•         All trees planted fully conform to the local ecosystem and promote the harmonious settlement of regional populations. A bakery, a mill and 2 schools were also created as part of the Sofala reforestation programme.

•         With the Sofala programme a success, we have been supporting the Santa Maria reforestation programme in Brazil since early 2015. It aims to offset a total of 840,000 tonnes of CO2To date, we have offset 136 hectares, around 270 football pitches.




  • The method

•         We calculate the carbon footprint (our CO2emissions) according to a rational and recognised rule.

•         The results allow us to measure our COemissions item by item. We then seek to minimise our emissions by taking action to reduce energy consumption.

•         We offset the remaining emissions by supporting reforestation programmes to capture CO2.



Would you like to support an approach like this?

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